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Principles of Development (3rd edition)
by Lewis Wolpert
SOLD to Shing Cheng
(5/8: ED848351232MY)

Management & Cost Accounting (5th edition)
The Design of Cost Management Systems: Text and Cases (2nd edition)
Advanced Management Accounting (3rd International edition)
SOLD to Dennis Wong
(5/8: CD132168481MY)

April 8, 2009

Some Gave All: Four Stories of Missionary Martyrs

Selling: RM 14.00


They took the Good News where few others dared.

Meet aristocratic southerner Lottie Moon, who did the unthinkable in 1873 and traveled as a single woman to Shanghai, China. Get to know the Indian-born son of missionaries, Captain John Birch, who also went to China - and changed the course of the Second World War. Be introduced to Nate Saint, a popular pilot with Midwestern roots, who in 1956 blazed a path to the savage Auca Indians of Ecuador. And meet the Ivory Coast-born daughter of missionaries, Betty Olsen, who in 1965 landed with only her medical kit in the heart of war-torn Vietnam.

They were four ordinary people who did extraordinary things with the help of, and for the sake of, their Savior. And in His name they were persecuted - to the point of death - until they received their eternal rewards.

The legacy of these courageous men and women lives on in the hearts of those who continue their missionary work - and in all who read and respond to their inspiring stories.