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Principles of Development (3rd edition)
by Lewis Wolpert
SOLD to Shing Cheng
(5/8: ED848351232MY)

Management & Cost Accounting (5th edition)
The Design of Cost Management Systems: Text and Cases (2nd edition)
Advanced Management Accounting (3rd International edition)
SOLD to Dennis Wong
(5/8: CD132168481MY)

April 5, 2009

The Horse Whisperer by Nicholas Evans

Selling: RM 10.00


In the still of a snow-covered morning in upstate New York, a 40-ton truck jack-knifes out of control hitting a young girl out riding on her horse. Though horribly injured, both thirteen-year-old Grace Maclean and her horse Pilgrim survive. But the impact of the ordeal on their lives and on the lives of those who love them is devastating.

Grace is the only child of prominent New York magazine editor Annie Graves and her lawyer husband Robert. In a way which none of them at first understands, their destiny comes to depend on Pilgrim's recovery. So mutilated and traumatized is the horse that even the vet who saved his life now wishes he hadn't. And yet Annie refuses to have him destroyed, sensing that if she does, something in grace will die too.

She hears about a man in Montana, a 'whisperer' who is said to have the gift of healing troubled horses. Abandoning her job, Annie sets off acrosss the continent with Grace and Pilgrim to find him. The man's name is Tom Booker and he lives on the Rocky Mountain Front, a place of daunting beauty. Here, under the massive Montana sky, all their lives are changed forever...